RIM’s results cleverly called “Su-PEARL-ative”


Thought’s been working overtime and has been kind enough to slide us this article in the Wall Street Journal regarding RIM’s Q2 results. And since that’s all people seem to be talking about today in the BlackBerry world, we’ll fuel the fire with this. RBC Capital’s Mike Abramsky calls the results “Su-PEARL-ative”, and analysts are all-a-chatter with optimism for RIM, including one raising his RIM target from $100 to $148.

UBS Investment’s Rob Dennison is forecasting a 45.9% replacement rate for the BlackBerry device in fiscal 2007 and 37.6% in fiscal 2008. “While the replacement rate now appears more reasonable relative to historical replacement rates, we believe our (fiscal 2008) implied replacement rate could again prove conservative,” he said in a note.