Bacon On BlackBerry: Namesakes, Address Books to SIMs, and more

Woke up with a case of the Mondays, but all has since subsided with another visit from Mr. Bacon himself and another edition of “Bacon on BlackBerry”. This issue sees Magmic’s BlackBerry guru Jeff Bacon attack your questions about BlackBerry’s namesake, transferring your address book to your SIM card (the answer’s got bad news written all over it), and so much more. Read on.

Q: How did the Blackberry come to be called the Blackberry?

BlackBerry 7130vA: When a company creates a new product, they often hire a branding company to come up with a name for it. When RIM developed the BlackBerry, they hired Lexicon Branding, Inc. to help come up with a marketing plan for the new product. Since the small keyboard resembled seeds on a berry, Lexicon suggested naming the product after a fruit. They initially considered “Strawberry” but ultimately settled on “BlackBerry” which has sharp sounds and was more memorable.

Q: How do I copy or transfer my entire address book to my SIM card?

A: There’s no way to copy the entire address book all at once to the SIM card. As far as I know you have to copy them one at a time.

Q: I recently bought a blackberry 7105t. Can I load pictures or other data from my computer to my cell phone? What is the software for? I had installed it in my pc but don’t know what it’s for.

A: The Desktop Manager software is for installing and removing applications/games from you BlackBerry. It’s also used for doing backups and restoring data from/to your BlackBerry, synchronizing your BlackBerry with desktop PIM applications and setting up the email forwarding.

The Desktop Manager 4.2 will allow you to transfer media files between your desktop and your BlackBerry but it will only work with the new BlackBerry Pearl/8100 device.

Q: I have a 7130c and want to connect to my pc to retrieve my address book from outlook, But I don’t want to connect to BlackBerry’s service just to do this, is there any 3rd party software that will allow me to use the USB interface and do what I have mentioned?

A: You don’t have to have BlackBerry service to use the Desktop Manager from RIM to copy your address book from Outlook to your BlackBerry. If you plug in your BlackBerry to your USB connection and run the Desktop Manager you can copy your Outlook address book that way. It’s the easiest and most reliable way of doing it.

Q: I’m trying to use Bluetooth to pair my computer with my BB 7290. They seem to find each other and recognize the BB as a smart phone, but no services are listed. At a minimum I’d like to use the phone to allow me to dial up with my lap-top. Can you do this?

A: A BlackBerry can be paired with another Bluetooth device easily as it acts like any other Bluetooth device in this respect. However, the BlackBerry does not support very many Bluetooth profiles. It supports only the headset profile and the serial port profile – neither of which are very useful when pairing with a desktop.

Some models of BlackBerry can be used as a tethered modem. There is a great post on this here.

11 Responses to “Bacon On BlackBerry: Namesakes, Address Books to SIMs, and more”

  1. 1 lee

    is there any chance of a pearl for verizon?

  2. 2 Bacon on BlackBerry

    RIM generally gets around to distributing new models of BlackBerries amongst the various carriers but it often takes a while. Verizon didn’t get a 7100-style device until the 7130 which was well after the initial 7100t launch.

  3. 3 George

    Wow Strawberry would have been an even fruitier name. Nice tidbit to store in my ‘useless but cool’ section of my brain.

  4. 4 andrew


    I have a Sony clie PJ 30 and would like to copy my address book to my new blackberry. How do I do that?



  5. 5 Dang Tien Dung

    I have a BB 7230. Now I can not show the names and phone number on address book also I have copied all them to address book.
    Please show me

  6. 6 robyn

    I have a blackberry 7105t and want to transfer my contacts onto my SIM card. You mention you can’t transfer all at once, but I cannot even figure out how to do one at a time - please help.

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