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Rogers acknowledges the Pearl


After a couple of weeks of refreshing, information about the Pearl on the official Rogers web site has surfaced. Since the device is being released really soon, I’m surprised about the lack of hype North of the border from both RIM and Rogers. Rogers is quoted as saying it’s the BlackBerry that “everyone’s been waiting for”. True story. Again, it’ll be interesting to see how well this new device does in Canada. We’ll be sure to let you know.

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RIM stock soars after Q2 webcast


Even after the webcast was through, the news kept coming. Reports from BusinessWeek show that RIM’s stock took off after the final bell rung yesterday with almost a 20% increase.

“Shares rose 19 percent, or $16.74, to $102.80, in premarket trading after closing at $86.06 Thursday on the Nasdaq. The stock has trade in a 52-week range of $51.90 to $90.53 and is up about 30 percent from the beginning of the year.”

RIM CFO Jim Kavelman talks about “aggressive” road maps


Jim Kavelman, the unsung hero of yesterday’s webcast (who can really compete with Balsillie?), had a lot but also so little to say about RIM’s upcoming plans. I know specifics can never really be fully revealed, but his slight vagueness leaves a chalky taste in my mouth.

“We have a very aggresive road map on our hardware for EDGE, CDMA and EVDO – a very exciting roadmap. We also are addressing different form factors.

The Pearl seems to be extraordinarily well-received. The part that is really exciting, one of the CEOs of major carrier in Europe said that less than 1% of carriers sell a data platform to more ‘personal’ users. There’s the missing link – you want media but you want them in a connected structure.”

Credit again goes to BBHub.

Jim Balsillie’s Q2 coverage


After losing my connection to the webcast yesterday, my whole-hearted thanks go to Russ over at BBHub for his continuous coverage.

Appears as though Mr. Balsillie had quite a few things to give his take on yesterday, so without further delay, let’s see what he had to say.

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Balsillie excited about RIM’s momentum, 2nd half of year


BalsillieHere’s some words from our favorite RIM co-CEO (sorry Mikey):

“We are very pleased to report strong financial performance and momentum in our second quarter,” said Jim Balsillie, Chairman and Co-CEO at RIM. “The second half of the fiscal year is promising to be one of the most interesting periods in our history with the launch of exciting new products, including the BlackBerry Pearl, on networks around the world. Our technology and business strategies continue to open new markets for RIM and expand our opportunities for growth.”

Now tell us something about the BlackBerry 8800.

RIM’s Q2 2007 Fiscal Earnings


RIM has released their preliminary Q2 2007 fiscal results (more about that here). So how did they do?

Revenue for the second quarter of fiscal 2007 was $658.5 million, up 7.4% from $613.1 million in the previous quarter and up 34.4% from $490.1 million in the same quarter of last year. The revenue breakdown for the quarter was approximately 72% for handhelds, 19% for service, 6% for software, and 3% for other revenue.

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