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RIM Q2 Earnings Conference Call


Just listening in to the webcast, and lost my connection – gives me time to update you on news brought in so far. Revenue for Q2 reached $659 million, up 8% from the previous quarter. Handhelds accounted for the brunt of the revenue (72%) with $475 mil. Improving on the 1.2 million devices shipped in Q1, RIM saw 1.4 million shipped in this quarter.

Interesting to see that their marketing spending has gone up 8%, and we should see that grow in the next quarter with the release of new devices and with upgrades coming to the BlackBerry 8703e, 8707, and the Pearl.

Outlook for Q3 is looking decent with a projected $780-820 million in revenue. And until we got disconnected, we can tell you that RIM plans to ship close to twice the amount of devices they ship from this past quarter.

Check back as we attempt to climb back into the Webcast.

RIM to review their Option-Granting Practices


Interesting news coming out of RIM HQ as their Q2 2007 fiscal results are being released. Preceding the results statement is a notification that RIM is voluntarily undergoing a review of the company’s historical option granting practices. Not what you expected to hear, but RIM says that:

It is the Company’s belief that the potential impact of any restatement on GAAP and adjusted operating results for the first, second, and subsequent quarters of fiscal 2007, will be immaterial.

RIM will file final financial statements for the second quarter of fiscal 2007 following the completion of the review. We’ll keep you informed if anything new breaks.

NY Times gives BBCool the nod


So apparently we’re in the NY Times. That’s pretty swell. To those of you who’ve found us through that means – hello. Nice to meet you. They namechecked us in a pretty decent article on smartphones, too – even better. Check out the entire article here.

“More software options are available at (for most phones) and (for BlackBerry devices). Treos run either Windows Mobile or the Palm operating system, so check your phone before downloading software…”

Our Mom’s would be so proud.

Pearl part of 81-day review experiment


Tired of the same old reviews? Check out the 81-day experiment. Put on by Pierre Khawand, founder of People-On-The-Go, the experiment utilizes the Motorla Q, Treo 700p, Treo 700w, and you got it, the Pearl, as Khawand adopts each device as his own for nine days and then gives it a review.

Looks as though Mr. Khawand’s put up a 6-minute Google Video reviewing our beloved (?) Pearl. Check it out here. Thanks to PR Web for this article.

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Pearl support appears on Rogers site


Thanks to our pal Nick for sending this little nugget our way. I’ve been refreshing the official Rogers Wireless site this week, trying to squeeze out any information about their release of the Pearl – and I’ve come up empty. Turns out that Rogers has added a support section for the Pearl (with no downloads), but shows they’re gearing up for the release. That’s good news. Can’t wait to see Canada go Pearl happy.

BlackBerry 8800 to raise RIM shares


Alright. So today’s the day RIM announces their results for Q2, and we’re going to try our darndest to get right in the middle of things and stir it up – or at least listen in. News from the Globe and Mail this morning reports that RIM’s stock and Q2 results will be quite impressive, especially with the continual leaks we’ve been seeing.

Seems as though most analysts are screaming “buy” at potential RIM stockholders these days. Interesting point regarding the 8800 was chucked into the article, as well, from Peter Misek, an analyst with Canaccord Capital Corp.

“We had originally thought that BB 8800 product leaks would not begin until October, With these pictures and information leaks, it is likely the 8800 is less than two months away.”

Our breath has been baited.