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New BlackBerry user keeps head above water


See this cute little guy to your left? He’s Brian Bourke, a writer for the Waterloo Chronicle and a new BlackBerry user. Now, I know what you’re thinking – and apart from how that stain got on your shirt, you’re wondering what the big deal is. Well, he’s written an article that puts things into perspective about how we’ve gotten to where we have these days technology-wise. And he digs the ‘Berry. Welcome to the club, Brian.

“I suppose, like most people, I could live without it. However, it has, in some ways, become a matter of volume. Ten years ago, when we really started with email in the office, it was a relatively small part of the job. Now it’s mushroomed to the point where I can easily pull in 1,000 emails a week. That can pile up when you go away for a few days, or even for a weekend.

So the BlackBerry, in a sense, allows me to keep my electronic head above water.”

The BlackBerry-based “revolution”


An interesting article found through gives us some insight to how businesses are advancing, citing technology as the main reason. The results that come up must sound like music to the ears of RIM et al. Maybe “Reveille” is the track of choice.

“The BlackBerry-based revolution also marches on, with all wireless technology seeing a 20 per cent increase in business usage since 2004. A massive 94 per cent of those surveyed use wireless technology to pick up their emails, reflecting the growing trend in mobile working.”

See that? We’re part of a revolution. Feel special.

BlackBerry seeks out youth market


BlackBerry Youth

We avoid the Hilton/Lohan/etc. reports like the plague here at BlackBerryCool, but it appears as though RIM wants to target those who DO pay attention. We’ve never been fans of mixed signals.

News out of the UK has RIM and the BlackBerry choosing youthful ad agencies like RPM handling it’s experiential marketing, while the direct work (mail-outs, emailing, etc.) will be handled by Meteorite. Things that happen across the pond usually happen here, too – be interesting to see how RIM’s marketing evolves over the next year, if not months.

Flurry appeals to BlackBerry envy


Those who’ve yet to shell out for a BlackBerry or any other smartphone can feign their phone’s intelligence with a new application. Based on the email capabilities of the ‘Berry and other smartphones, CNET News reports “Flurry” turns any phone into one of those heralded devices.

“Once you run through the simple setup on the site, it sends a link to your phone that directs you to a personalized download. Based on the demo, it looks like a very strong email (and RSS reader) application that has a sensible user interface…”

What’s that saying? Always imitated but never duplicated? Yeah, file this report under that.

Politician gets flack for ‘Berry love


Adam Fenty and his BlackBerrys As ridiculous as it is, we need to defend our ‘Berry bretheren. Appears as though Democrat Adrian M. Fenty, a mayoral candidate in Washington, is getting a little heat from his competition and a few others regarding his abundant BlackBerry use, says the Washington Post.

Fenty, seen here slapping a sticker on a poor innocent bystander, originally only had one BlackBerry that he would click-wheel through during meetings, but now with his mayoral aspirations in full-tilt, he’s adopted another device to keep his council work and mayoral work separate. Complaints of Fenty paying more attention to his handhelds than his responsibilities are piling up.

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ThoughtPiece: Why the BlackBerry 8800 Has No Camera (Yet)


This week Thought, our resident ranter (in a good way), gives us his insight as to the supposed missing piece of the 8800 puzzle: the camera. Enjoy.

Now that the first images of the upcoming BlackBerry 8800 models (rumored to be called the “Indigo” and “Crimson” depending upon the carrier) have surfaced, it seems that one comment appearing frequently on many websites is the one lamenting the lack of a built-in camera.

So why is there a camera on the Pearl but not on the 8800 series? Certainly, after RIM’s experience with the 8100, adding a camera into the 8800 would not be difficult.

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