BlackBerry Pearl hits Time Square

Another note we’re glad we didn’t skim over in our inbox this morning, and this one is as credible as my posts (no comments, folks). Photos from September 29 show that RIM appears to have set up shop on some of the tall video screen in Times Square, right in the heart of beautiful downtown New York. I guess this answers some of those marketing questions.

But that wasn’t it, apparently there were some street teamers wrangling up the general public and taking photos of them with the Pearl. Within minutes, those pictures went live on the Reuters buidling ad space (the main centre screen, about 25 feet high). Reports are saying that the video image ranged from 60-80 ft. high. Wow. Pardon the pun, but RIM’s thinking big these days.

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Steve St. Pierre
October 2nd, 2006 at 10:55 am

It’s all the same to us Canadians.
I’m kidding.

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