RIM noted as “star recruiter”


This one goes out to our college-aged readers (which is why we’re posting it at 2pm EST – when you’re all just waking up). No, no. Don’t pick up the funnel just yet. Canadian Business Online shed some light on some of the top corporations who recruit college students – and wouldn’t you know it? Our pals over at RIM are in the top three alongside IBM and Deloitte. Why is RIM up there? Simply put…

“It’s also a cool place to work, says Elizabeth Roe Pfeifer, RIM’s vice-president of organizational development. She notes that RIM offers about 1,000 co-op and internship positions annually, and hires up to 150 new grads each year. In fact, engineering students surveyed as part of Brainstorm and D-Code’s 2006 campus recruitment study gave RIM high marks as a place they’d like to work upon graduation.”