BlackBerry scared of… lemonade?


What’s with all the threats being tossed around lately? Yeesh. A press release from Isode, a company whose email products are used by the world’s most security conscious organisations including governments, intelligence agencies, military organisations and Internet service providers, has launched an email program to rival that of the BlackBerry. Collective gasp – now.

“Isode’s M-Box is now the first commercial email server to incorporate all of the Internet Engineering Task Force’s (IETF) recommendations for mobile email.

The IETF established the License to Enhanced Mobile Oriented and Diverse Endpoints (LEMONADE) working group to address the efficiency of email services for bandwidth limited and storage restricted devices, such as mobile phones and PDAs.”

“The solutions offered by the LEMONADE working group are based on open standards. Open standards are publicly available, platform independent, vendor-neutral specifications that address an industry-wide problem. Open standards do not depend on any commercial intellectual property.

The LEMONADE standards were published at the end of June 2006, an event considered to have contributed to a drop in RIM’s share price.

They were designed to minimise the bandwidth requirements of mobile email. Hence the primary cost factor of mobile email is reduced, more functions are enabled and performance efficiencies are achieved that contribute to a better user experience.”