Disguise your BlackBerry


Thanks to our pal Pete for sending this site our way. Are you the type of person who will run home and change your shirt because a co-worker is wearing the same one? Do you slap your forehead everytime someone has your “rare” designer sunglasses? Well then why don’t you care that your BlackBlerry looks the same? The folks at BerryWare have been slaving away at the “Berry Farm” (sounds like heaven) and have concocted different casings for your device, separating you from the rest of the sheep.

“Available in 6 colours – Red, Pink, Green, Blue, Midnight Black, and Silver, these replacement houstings are not the clip-on cases you find everywhere, but an actual refinished housing for your Blackberry painted by a certified professional refinisher using high quality paint and clear coat.”

Pretty neat, but we’re really hoping the combination of this and the adoption of the BlackBerry in celeb-world doesn’t result in a “Pimp My ‘Berry” scenario. That would not be pretty.