Interview with BPlay VP Nicholas Reichenbach


We broke the news to you (well, semi-broke) yesterday about BPlay – the new source for all-things entertainment for your BlackBerry, developed by those kids over at Magmic. We had the chance to sit down with BPlay’s Vice-President Nicholas Reichenbach (who, I think, drinks charisma for breakfast) and talked about BPlay and the future of BlackBerry entertainment.

BlackBerry Cool: What exactly is BPlay?

Nicholas Reichenbach: BPlay is a division of Magmic. We’re focused on bringing the most exciting entertainment onto the BlackBerry.

BBCool: Why did you choose to release BPlay now? Why not sooner or later?

NR: It all has to do with RIM’s plans of pushing into the prosumer market. We want to be a part of that, providing brands to the user that weren’t currently available on your device and making them so.

BBCool: What kind of content can we expect from BPlay?

NR: Anything that’s considered mobile entertainment. We’re talking about games, music, themes, wallpapers – anything that let’s you personalize your BlackBerry that much more.

BBCool: Is there a bigger focus on a certain media-type (games, music, etc.) for BPlay? Do you see one being more popular than the rest?

NR: There’s a bigger focus on games right now, but that’ll change soon enough. As for most popular? I’d say anything that let’s you personalize your BlackBerry and make it your own. Combine a ringtone, wallpaper, theme that no one else has, and you’ve got your own unique device.

BBCool: Where do you see the future of mobile content going?

NR: Like I said, anything that let’s you personalize your BlackBerry making it as personal as possible, will be what makes the industry. People want something that transcends their style – and they can get it with BPlay. Also, an “all you can eat” style plan: pay a flat rate per month and get all of the content you want would be fantastic. And being able to send media that you’ve downloaded to a friend? How great would that be?

BBCool: Where do you see BPlay fitting in to that future?

NR: We’ll be the ones providing the content to the consumer. There are so many entertainment outlets right now, and we aim to provide solutions to get every one of them onto a BlackBerry. If a new form of entertainment makes itself apparent, we’ll do what we can to figure out how to get it onto a BlackBerry.

Very encouraging words from the VP of what is, quite possibly, one of the best new services of the year. Check out BPlay’s website for more information. Start getting really excited for the future of the BlackBerry, folks.