Palm’s John Hartnett interviewed


No, not by us. That would have bad news written all over it. But SiliconRepublic out of the UK sits down with Senior VP of Silicon Valley-based Palm - John Hartnett. While, granted, the majority of the article is pure fluff with Mr. Hartnett talking both him and his company up like they’re top of the market right now, there was a decent question involved. When discussing Palm’s teaming-up with both Microsoft and Vodafone to provide push email, Hartnett says that yes, it is meant to be an attack on RIM.

“We reckon that 93pc of the market for push email has yet to be tapped. RIM has an installed base of up to five million users. However, there are over 140 million Microsoft Exchange customers worldwide that are currently on a desktop platform and are ideally placed to migrate to mobile. By integrating with their desktops and by delivering push email we will open up this market opportunity. Yes, consider this a direct assault on RIM’s market.”

You “reckon”, do you? Them’s fighting words.

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