Weekend Contest: BlackBerry 8800 - are you Indigo or Crimson?


Maybe this will be the new pick-up line. I feel sorry for whatever ladies it gets tried on, though. No matter, thanks to Douglas’ insightful commentary on all of the BlackBerry 8800 info that’s currently available, combined with a suspicious jpeg of specs that we received on Monday, we’ve got a point for you to ponder. Rather, a question to answer.

Apparently the Indigo is set for release before this year’s end, and the Crimson’s going to have to hold it in until Spring ‘07. One with a camera (the latter) one without (the former). Of the two BlackBerry 8800’s coming to market soon, which one will/would you be picking up and why? This week’s winner will receive both Frogger and Stratego from the newly-introduced (and pretty awesome) BPlay for your BlackBerry device.

Last week we asked what mattered to you more - new product launches or RIM’s stock going through the proverbial roof. Jason replied, noting that he can get stock news anywhere, but he’s more interested in new leaks and the like that BlackBerry Cool and our competition provide day in and day out. Thanks, Jason. Your game of BrainUp! is on it’s way.

A quick note to past contest winners. The BBCool office has been busy lately with various ongoings. We will be going over past weekend contest and notifying winners, and we hope to get your games/prizes to you as quickly as our little hands can work. We appreciate your patience.

14 Responses to “Weekend Contest: BlackBerry 8800 - are you Indigo or Crimson?”

  1. 1 Steve St. Pierre

    Had some technical issues with this post, there were comments posted (and promptly lost).

    from Heesoo Shin:

    “I’d take either… just like above until the camera is really high qual… i’m not interested…

    I guess i like the design of the indigo better… It looks very sexy IMHO”

    and from Kevin:

    “I want it sooner than later.

    The camera is a non-issue because its ability to take quality photos pales in comparison to my pocket digital camera.

    Some of the other brands have pretty good cameras but that is not relevant in this context. Until mobile phone cameras can replace low-mid range DC’s I can do without them.”

    Sorry, folks. We’re back in the game, though.

  2. 2 patrick

    I am a BB newbie. I always thought smart phones and BB to be neat phones, but thought the BB too cluncky and I avoid anything to do with Microsoft. However, I have made the plunge with the Pearl. I love this phone and don’t know how I survived without BB before. I love the apps for up to date information and the fact that I can send and receive e-mails. I eagerly await the 8800 and will probably purchase whichever is available first. However, to answer you question directly, I do not care if a phone has a camera or not. It is a feature that I rarely, if ever, use. I am most excited at the prospect of wifi. If the 8800 has wifi, I will definitely purchase one and have 2 BBs.

  3. 3 DocGo

    I would gladly upgrade my Pearl to the BB with wifi, expansion card and camera.

  4. 4 Lefty

    I will hold onto my 7520 until the Crimson comes out. All of the multi media features are too much to pass on.

  5. 5 Gabriel Mains

    The latter just because you could always use a good camera in certain times and places. LOL. The hard part will be just trying to figure out who to hand my new 8700 down to at work. =)

  6. 6 CL

    I would go for the One with a camera. But will hold on a month to see review and feedback on actual usage of the device before purchase it.

  7. 7 Alex D.

    I am looking forward to a unit with a camera. Otherwise I will stick with my 8700g.

  8. 8 RAS

    I’m traditionally an early adopter. I was waiting eagerly for the opening of the T-Mobile store on September 12th to get my sweaty mitts on the Pearl, and I expect to do the same for the 8800. Indigo looks just about perfect to me.

  9. 9 Kevin

    I’d take the crimson for everyday use and I can pocket my pearl when i go clubbing.

  10. 10 Troy

    I would waitfor the Crimson. It’s all about the camera. There just isn’t enough difference between current 8700’s and the Indigo to justify breaking my contract to get the 8800.

  11. 11 Krad

    i will stick with my pearl… i have been waiting ages for a 7100t replacement…

  12. 12 Steve

    I currently use a Cingular-Blue (AT&T Wireless) 7290 and still pay $49.99 for BIS. I can’t get Cingular to give me their $29.99 BIS plan until I migrate to a real Cingular sim and BB.

    So, I’m waiting for either the 8100 Pearl or 8800 Crimson to come to Cing. Depending on the release date rumors, I’ll prolly get the Pearl first just to migrate and get the monthly payment down, then upgrade to the 8800 if it’s another 3-4 months out.

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