BlackBerry and EchoSign launch signature service – literally


shcoverpic.gifEver receive a contract on your BlackBerry and cursed the fact that you weren’t able to sign on the dotted line to accept the lucrative offer?  Well, ComputerWorld reports that EchoSign Inc. is making that a reality.  How?  Read on, impatient reader.

“To use it, a BlackBerry user receiving an e-mail or other document requiring a signature types in his name and his initials, then sends it to an EchoSign server from the BlackBerry. The EchoSign server then forwards signed PDFs to all the affected parties, based on a previously determined list of names and e-mail addresses.”

Well that’s every bit of alright.  Another time saving news-release today.  Time-saving Tuesday’s, I suppose.  A perfect addition to the higher-ups sporting ‘Berry’s.  …Spoiled higher-ups.