BlackBerry Pearl: The New iPod?


Really wish we could say “there’s so much to catch up on”, but seems as though BlackBerry world took a day off with us yesterday.  No matter, there’s little things to share, and more often than not, it’s the little things that matter.

 Merril Lynch’s stock analyst Vivek Arya has been gushing about the BlackBerry Pearl, claiming it’s greatness will lead RIM into 2008 and keep them on top of the market.  But the fawning doesn’t end there.  Brace yourself for one of the boldest quotes to ever be related to BlackBerry news.

“We believe the Pearl will be a platform, not just a device, much like Apple’s iPod and Motorola’s RAZR,” he says.

Now those are some big shoes to fill.  We’re thinking the Crimson or Indigo’ll fill them in a little nicer, but we’ll see.  Thanks to SeekingAlpha for the article.