Intercall launches one-touch conferencing


intercalllogo.jpgProbably the biggest news we’ll ever bring you.  This sarcasm will need at least two more coats before the day’s over.  But Chicago-based Intercall has figured out a way to keep you at the office while you’re not at the office – moreso than your BlackBerry had before!  InterCall’s “Mobile Assistant” is now making it possible for BlackBerry users to join conference calls with the single-click of a button.

“As the workforce becomes increasingly mobile there’s a greater need for reliable conferencing services that are easier to use when we’re working away from the office,” said Robert Wise, vice president of marketing and strategic development for InterCall.

“With Mobile Assistant you store the dial-in numbers and passcodes like you would on your speed-dial, so you always know you’ve got the correct conference number,” Wise added.

Enthralling, really.  You can read the rest of the details here.  And before you ask, yes, it is a slow news day.  Come on RIM!  There’s some feather’s to be ruffled somewhere, I’m sure.