Where’s the fire, Mr. BlackBerry?





Sound familiar?  I used to sprint through those hallways like nobody’s business.  Now, it’s technology that is doing the same thing as literally as possible.  Last week, we talked to you about WiMax making things go a little faster on your BlackBerry.  This week, we talk 4G. 

Cellular News put together a solid report about rushing 4G and the need to go faster.  If I remember correctly (thankfully the article confirms), 3G hasn’t even been rolled out in the majority of the world yet, and already we’re getting ahead and talking 4G.  Oh yeah?  How about 6G?  Or 8?  Let’s just settle on 10G and call it a day.

“Perhaps what is being forgotten is that there is increasing competition from outside the traditional mobile space; that it is not just about what mobile can offer. End-users have experience of high data speeds, quick downloads and real-time services from their fixed service providers and (whether fair or not) will always view their mobile experience as inferior or disappointing unless it can measure up to this.”