Pearl gets “Hip”per


Tragically Hip, BlackBerry Pearl

Legendary Canadian “rockers” The Tragically Hip (Canada’s answer to… who knows) are releasing their first album in what I think is 60 years next week and have a new video to promote it.  Now, we know what you’re thinking, you’re not BBHub, so why are you talking about music (kidding, Russ)?  Well, the BlackBerry Pearl happens to be the star of their “In View” video.  Pretty exciting.

From what I can gather, the Hip’s lead “singer” Gord Downie is trying to order a pizza and has to steal a Pearl to do so.  I may be wrong about the pizza, but he does indeed pocket a Pearl which results in a hilarious and relevant chase scene.  I’ll be surprised if this post doesn’t stick out from your monitor with the thickness of sarcasm painted on.  Thanks both BBForums and Thought for the heads up.