Browse easy on your BlackBerry with mDog


mdog2.jpgI enjoy cursing inconveniences.  Even though it won’t rememdy my issues, I’ll usually lambaste anything that causes me any sort of disservice.  Well, I’ll be able to cut that down in half now with the launch of mDog. 

What does it do?  Well, the website puts it as “It provides access to the Internet in a cleaner, faster-loading, easy-to-browse mobile format” by turning your favourite sites into ‘Berry compatible pages.  By “favourites” they mean sites they’ve already optimized, but there’s a pretty solid list waiting for you to explore and choose from.

“One of the clear benefits of is that so many popular sites are available and accessible right there at While a few sites have themselves created mobile versions, with their own URLs, getting to them is awkward. At, you select and read a whole host of sites has optimized, including and The Wall Street Journal’s – and do it with just a couple of clicks on your Blackberry, Treo, Motorola Q or other Web-enabled mobile device.”

Check out the source story right here, or visit mDog and try it out for yourself. Innovation is key these days, folks.  Always little things like this that perk our ears up.  If we miss anything, by all means, please shoot it our way.  Thanks.