Rub it out: the BlackBerry hand massage


x-hand.gifFirst, get your mind out of the gutter.  Second, let your jaw drop slightly because yes, the BlackBerry-addict hand massage actually exists.  According to reports from The Star, a hotel in Arizona has developed the “Blackberry Balm Hand Massage”. 

“Incorporating acupressure techniques designed to relieve stress and tension felt by BlackBerry addicts, the deep, therapeutic massage focuses mainly on the thumbs and overworked wrists.

The massage incorporates a special “Blackberry Balm” containing natural Blackberry powder with a high antioxidant content, a natural exfoliate that reduces inflammation and contains natural fruit acids, cajaput (a cousin to Tea Tree with antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties), camphor oil (reduces inflammation and muscle tension) and cinnamon, clove and peppermint (invigorates and stimulates circulation).”

The “Blackberry Balm Hand Massage” costs $30 (U.S.) for a 30-minute treatment and is available at select Hyatt Pure Spas throughout the United States and Canada. Well, it sounds nice.  And for $30, that’s really not all that bad to have your hand manhandled by a former female German wrestler.