Bacon on BlackBerry: BES queries, SIM issues, and more!


Q: I have never even seen a BlackBerry but am interested to pick one up. I live in central Africa so most of the data services, etc. will not be supported here (calls and SMS only), but if I buy a unit online, is it sure that I can simply insert my existing SIM card into the device and it will work as a standard cell phone, albeit with a few extra bells and whistles? I can’t seem to find a website that answers that question.

A: You will have to contact the carrier in your region to find this out. I have a SIM on Rogers that’s setup for use with my BlackBerry (data & voice) and I can put it into any unlocked GSM phone and it will work fine. We have had some issues with phone-only SIMs not working on BlackBerrys but it may have been related to the rules Rogers has set up with their data/voice plans.