Bacon on BlackBerry: BES queries, SIM issues, and more!


Q: is there a ringer associated with getting an email? I get a pleasant tone when I get a txt message but only the red light blinks when I get an email. I have looked at everything, at least I think I did, and I cannot find a setting or option for this.

A: The notifications for various message types are defined in your profile. If you find the Profiles icon on your home screen and select it you will get a list of your currently configured profiles. Click which ever profile you want to use and select ‘Edit’. In the ‘Messages’ settings, you can define the behavior for receiving a message. ‘Vibrate’ only vibrates your phone, ‘Tone’ plays a ringer, ‘Vibrate+Tone’ vibrates twice and then plays the ringer, ‘None’ will not do either. The LED flashing is controlled separately. A little further down that configuration screen you will see a ‘Repeat notification’ setting. You can enable/disable the LED flashing here.