What consumers (don’t) want out of 3G


simplicity-globe.jpgTurns out mobile users might be even more sophisticated than their devices. While some are going nutso over the possibilities of intense video and audio content that’ll become available once 3G is out of the blocks, surveys are showing that users are looking to take another direction with 3G – literally. With 1,000 users surveyed as to what interests them most about mobile content, the answer isn’t too 3G friendly.

“There’s been some disappointment with consumer uptake of value-added 3G services,” said In-Stat analyst David Chamberlain. Customers just haven’t been all that eager to pay extra to watch clips from yesterday’s ballgame on their phones’ tiny screens.

Chamberlain found that only about 15 percent of the people surveyed expressed strong interest in mobile video. But he was surprised to find that 53 percent wanted their phones to tell them their location and help them find their way around.”

This reminds me a lot of the Seinfeld episode where Jerry buys his father a pocket organizer and ol’ Morty’s more stoked about the “tip calculator” than the other great things on the device. We’re living in a world of Morty’s, it seems.

“Navigational applications aren’t as hungry for bandwidth as video, but they do require the speed supplied by a third-generation network to function properly, he said.

‘If you’re following a route and take a wrong turn, the system has to recalculate and send you new instructions very quickly,” he said. “So it has to be very fast.'”