First Wi-Fi microSD card comes from Spectec


spectrocard.jpgMore things to lose – awesome. But exciting news from the Spectec camp. They’ve developed the first microSD card to have wi-fi integrated. Pretty exciting. Details? Sure.

“The Spectec Wi-Fi microSD card is of the 802.11b/g variety, allowing it transfer data at up to 54 Mbps. Its total package measures a mere 0.92 x 0.43 x 0.03 inches (23.3 x 11 x 0.7 millimeters). It supports the SDIO Now! 1.0 standard for delivering Secure Digital In Out support to Windows Mobile Pocket PCs, smartphones and embedded devices.

No prices are being tossed about just yet, nor is a release date for a Pearl-compatible card. But pretty swell nonetheless.