Record Q3 results from Cingular


cingular.jpgSeems the mobile industry is the place to be these days. So much movin’ and shakin’ – it’s how I get my exercise, really. A press release… released today notes the big numbers Cingular’s reporting from their third quarter. More increases than decreases equates for a good year, and with the BlackBerry 8100c scheduled for release in a month (and chances are with some of those glitches fixed), Cingular could be looking at an even more impressive Q4.

The highlights:

- Highest-ever net income of $847 million, a year-over-year increase of over 280 percent
- Year-over-year and sequential ARPU increase
- Normalized OIBDA margin of 35.6 percent, a year-over-year improvement of 400 basis points
- Completion of integration of GSM network on time and on budget
- 1.4 million net subscriber additions, of which 87 percent were retail; 928,000 of net adds were postpaid customers
- Postpaid churn of 1.5 percent and overall churn of 1.8 percent
- 58.7 million cellular/PCS subscribers at quarter’s end, tops in the United States
- 12.2 percent increase in service revenues year-over-year
- Deployment of UMTS/HSDPA technology on track