User creates Pearl MicroSD back-up script



As cliched as it is, it’s things like this that keep me going. The fact that there’s people out there taking initiative to help out the greater good of mankind makes me feel all warm and fuzzy. Maybe I’m putting too much stock intho this, but an email from our pal Keith has him excited about a back-up script he wrote to take care of the files on the Pearl’s MicroSD card. What exactly does the script do? Keith comes through with the answers.

1. Creates a new directory “c:\MicroSDBackup” (you can change this if you want)
2. Copies all the folders off of the MicroSD card into this folder.
3. I have excluded certain file types like .mp3 and .avi (you can add or change this)
4. Script is fine tuned to only copy newer files.

You can read up more on this and download the script directly from Keith’s informative site. Thank you, Keith, for being an upstanding citizen and improving the mobile well-being of your peers. Kudos.