Loss prevention solution for your BlackBerry


untitled-1-copy.jpgApart from the lack of cruellers and fritters in the company cafeteria, losing important data from a USB device or BlackBerry is the most oft-complained about topic in today’s workforce. Thanfully, Workshare has announced Workshare Protect Mobile, the industry’s first connected and unconnected solution against loss of information in today’s environment of highly mobile and portable data. What exactly does it do? Let me grab my fritter and tell you.

“Workshare Protect Mobile, part of the Workshare Protect Enterprise Suite, provides remediation against malicious and inadvertent information leaks due to lost, stolen and offline laptops, removable storage devices such as USB key drives, writable CD drives and iPods, messages originating on mobile devices such as Blackberry/PDAs, as well as messages from corporate email systems originating on web kiosks using products such as Outlook Web Access.”

The service’ll knock you back about $10 per user, per year before available discounts. It’s available now, too. So go ahead, enjoy your pastries without worrying about losing those TPS reports (“Office Space” references are a necessity on Mondays, by the way).