DeskFinder: search your PC from your BlackBerry


magnifying-glass.jpgI know when I’m driving down the highway, I always have the urge to pull over and search the documents on my PC’s desktop, how about you? I really need to turn on this sarcasm filter. A neat little add-on for your BlackBerry has made itself apparent, and this one takes it’s hints from the popular Google Desktop and let’s you, as mentioned, search documents on your PC from your device – great for that businessman on the go.

DeskFinder allows users to search and download text from emails, chats, Microsoft Word documents, Excel spreadsheets, PowerPoint presentations, PDF files, Web history and many other files being miles away from their home or office PC.

Key Benefits:
– Fast remote access to any text.
– Information saved on the user’s home or office PC.
– Free 7-days trial.

Key features:
– Predefined search criteria. Search by date, file name, word or word combinations, links.
– Relevant search results. The most relevant results will be shown in the top of the results list.
– Google Desktop syntax. Search syntax of Google Desktop program is fully supported.
– Extensive file type support. DeskFinder searches for emails, notes, chats, text files, web-history kept in cache memory of the PC and for many other materials.
– User-friendly interface. Customize and control DeskFinder options for convenient view and use of the application.
– Easy installation. One-Click installation on the user’s PC and the mobile device.
– Secure data access.