Chinese Corps Lead Global Q2 2006 Operator Review


Global Operator Mobile Report

Industry analysts MobileWorld have released their second quarter review of the world’s leading mobile operators. While it’s no surprise to see China’s two largest carriers (China Mobile and China Unicom) at the top of the heap in terms of total customers, Verizon has made great strides, overtaking NTT DoCoMo for 4th place and narrowly behind Cingular for 3rd.

It should be noted that these results refer only to the largest single nation operators. In terms of multinational corporations, Vodafone tops the Chinese with an estimated 550m customers. However, the single nation metrics are entirely more interesting because they show just how important China is. China Mobile and China Unicom are at the top of the world’s largest and fastest growing demographic of mobile users (consider this: China Mobile alone added 50m customers in the past 12 months, which is 10% of the world total and more than the next three companies combined).

So when you hear analysts talking about the importance of RIM having a strong long-term strategy for China, take note; success there will most likely be the key to winning the smartphone war.

Click here to download MobileWorld’s full briefing in PDF format.