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Americans not grasping 3G, study says

While all of us are fawning over 3G and getting really excited about the mobile world advancing, the rest of society ho-hum’s and worries about what accessory would look cuter with their new RAZR.

According to a study that looks over tech issues over key markets put on this year by TNS Global Technology Insights, Americans, like the rest of the world, apparently, aren’t connecting completely with the 3G concept, not realizing their devices potential. Cuddle your device now and let it know it can do a lot more if it really wants to - let your device reach it’s potential!

“Globally, 20 percent of consumers have 3G capabilities, with only nine percent of users taking advantage of the enhanced service.

The study reports that U.S. consumers, when compared to consumers around the world, are more likely to look for mobile phones with features such as a still camera (42% versus 35%), mobile Internet (19% versus 12%), email (22% versus 12%), and mobile gaming (13% versus 7%) when making their next phone purchase.”

There’s more than a camera on your phone! Geez, people, come on! Remember the days when you had to walk uphill both ways just to check your voicemail? The world is changing, it seems, and perhaps a little too fast for the majority to handle. It’s sad, really.

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One Response to “Americans not grasping 3G, study says”

  1. myles
    October 27th, 2006 13:36

    North Americans will grasp 3G if they make a data plan cheap enough so that everyone could IM on their blackberry vs. IM’ing online at home. Nowadays, I leave my Yahoo IM online via my blackberry pearl… if only i could get a free app to do the same on MSN… the doors that would open…

    horses have to be shown the trough, before they will get thirsty… sounds dumb… but it’s the truth…

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