Get “spot”ted with your BlackBerry Pearl

I’m going to get some office flak for that cheeseball title. Sorry, guys. But I just thought I’d let you know that Skylab Mobile Systems has rolled out their “Spot For BlackBerry” software for your BlackBerry 8100’s, targeting you now more than ever. The “Spot” system makes use of the new OS, version 4.2, and it’s solid Bluetooth GPS integration for stronger and more accurate GPS positions - perfect for, say, Chronicle Road.

You’re looking at only $49 for this lovely roll-out from Skylab. Visit their official site for more details.

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BlackBerryCool » Spot available for BlackBerry 8800
February 6th, 2007 at 10:02 am

[…] Big high fives to companies that are on top of their games. Last time we talked about Spot, we were letting you know about it’s availability on the Pearl, and now with a new device on it’s way, Skylab Mobilesystems has announced that Spot is now ready and waiting for the 8800 series of devices. And for those not in the know, Spot is a piece of software that gives you the “power of GPS with worldwide maps and a flexible waypoint management.” So there you go. Now if only it could help us find the 8800. […]

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