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New patent takes care of BlackBerry-PC interference

From being a spy to being a pseudo-psychic. You know the interference noises (sounds something like “doot, diddle, dit, dit dit, dee, dee, dee”) that you hear when your device is parked near your computer and you get the “premonition” that you’re about to receive a call? A new patent released by our pals at RIM have those darling sounds and your apparent psychic abilities packing. How exactly does it work? Let me check my crystal ball.

Straight from the horse’s mouth:

“The present invention targets the audio “buzz” problem created by radio frequency (RF) electromagnetic interference from a mobile wireless communications device operating within close proximity to a speaker system such as used with a personal computer. To eliminate this audible “buzz”, a number of RF filters can be applied to the audio amplifier circuitry, such as the preamplifier and power amplifier, and the audio transducer, such as the speaker.

The RF filters could be formed as RF ferrite beads, serial inductors, or shunt capacitors to reduce the RF energy being picked-up by the transducers and/or other electronic components and coupled to non-linear circuits, which could rectify the RF energy.”

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One Response to “New patent takes care of BlackBerry-PC interference”

  1. Ed Caldwell
    October 29th, 2006 08:04

    Any competent RF or audio engineer knows this stuff - they don’t deserve a patent on it. I’ll be highly surprised if they talk every computer, audio, and telephony equipment manufacturer into incorporating $2 to $5 dollars more in manufacturing cost (and paying a patent royalty to boot!) to block the sounds of what should be a competently-engineered transcever that is not (i.e. BlackBerry devices). My low tech solution is to simply move the BlackBerry another foot or two from the audio device that is causing the problem. Think they will give me a patent for that?

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