Bacon on BlackBerry: Surfing, scrolling, software, and more


Q: Do you know of any software I can buy that will enable voice dialing? I saw something that’s a subscription for $6/mo., but the comments posted from customers were that it was extremely slow.

A: The BlackBerry Pearl now supports voice dialing natively (about time!) and I would expect this feature on future BlackBerries as well.

Q: When I get e-mails from most people, they have a full line and then a partial line, like this:
Here is the first sentence. Then it
breaks like
this and continues to complete the sentence.
My guess is that it’s interpreting the line breaks in e-mails sent from Outlook. Is there a way to get the e-mail client to ignore line breaks like Outlook does when reading emails (extra line breaks removed)?

A: No, the BlackBerry email client only does a basic parsing of the emails it receives and does not have that feature available.

Q: Is there a way to set the phone to vibrate with one shortcut key? In my 7100t I could just hold the # key. With the 8700 it’s a 3-step process.

A: New BlackBerries (8700, Pearl, 7130, 7100) have one or two convenience keys on them. On the sides of the device or in the center under the screen. You can change which application this key launches when you click it by going into the Options > Screen/Keyboard. If you choose to have a convenience key open the Profiles application, it’s just one click plus a wheel scroll to change the profile. This is the fastest way I have found to do it on new BlackBerries.

Q: I bought a 8700c and still cannot add my Hotmail Plus email account to it. My Hotmail Plus email is in my own domain address “” instead of “”. I would appreciate if anyone can offer some tips and suggestions on how to add such a Hotmail Plus email to the 8700c.

A: If Hotmail Plus offers POP access you can use the BlackBerry Internet Service to set up mail forwarding to your BlackBerry. The exact URL to go setup the BIS depends on your carrier but a quick call to them should get you the URL and then it’s very fast and easy to set it up via the BIS webpage.

  • arturo

    necisito el sofware de la blackberry 7100v

  • arturo

    necisito el sofware de la blackberry 7100v