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iTunes? More like pearlTunes

Happy now? One of the industry leaders in connectivity solutions, Information Appliance Associates, has put together a little bit of goodness with pearlTunes, the “first ever tool to automatically copy & convert unlicensed music from Apple iTunes”. Unliscened music, eh? Well, it’s a start.

“pearlTunes copies MP3s and other unprotected digital music from selected playlists on iTunes for Windows to the MicroSD memory card on the user’s BlackBerry Pearl. This allows the user to copy just favorite selections to the BlackBerry Pearl.”

Well, appears as though the efforts are being put forth to make the Pearl your carry-all gadget and living up to Balsillie’s “magic trifecta”. More information about pearlTunes can be found here. You’re looking at a $9.95 USD pricetag.

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3 Responses to “iTunes? More like pearlTunes”

  1. Dan
    October 31st, 2006 13:41

    No Mac version… oh the irony. When is Apple going to just build in Pearl syncing into iTunes?

  2. jhayman
    October 31st, 2006 14:13

    I don’t have a Pearl, but can’t you just drag and drop?

    1) Mount the Pearl as removable storage device
    2) Launch iTunes
    3) Select the songs you want
    4) Drag the songs onto the removable storage device

  3. insignificant thoughts » Blog Archive » links for 2006-11-03
    November 3rd, 2006 10:29

    […] BlackBerryCool » iTunes? More like pearlTunes Use your Pearl with iTunes?! COOL! It only transfers MP3’s, not AAC or FairPlay, but I’m guessing most people use MP3 as their format of choice anyway. (tags: mp3 aac itunes pearl blackberry) […]

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