Olive Tree has new reasons to give thanks and praise

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We cater to all sorts of demographics and psychographics around here, and what better day than Hallowe’en to talk about new Bible-related releases from Olive Tree. The press release notes three new Christian eBooks are parting the sea and making their way to your from acclaimed author John Piper. In time for the holiday season, “Life as a Vapor”, “Pierced by the Word”, and “Taste and See” are now available from Olive Tree’s official site. Enjoy your purity, puritans.

All kidding aside, it’s a pretty great thing that Olive Tree’s doing, fulfilling a need in the marketplace, especially for this target audience. The company publishes over 100 electronic translations of the Bible, as well as commentaries, dictionaries, and Christian eBooks, and we’re always seeing new releases being rolled out. High fives to Olive Tree for their hardwork and effort.

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