Rogers reports strong 3Q results


It’s that time of the year. What does that even mean? Football? World Series? Hallowe’en? In our case, it means for a lot less candy and a lot more third quarter results. Rogers, the Canadian carrier of all things BlackBerry, has reported a solid third quarter, boasting a $2.35 billion revenue for this quarter - up 15%.

Haven’t heard many reports about Pearl sales thus far (the device has been out for less than a month up in the cold North), but if RIM continues to take care of it’s homeland, numbers should continue to rise. More highlights after the jump.

- Operating revenue increased 14.7% for the quarter, with all three of our operating units delivering solid double-digit growth, including
18.4% growth at Rogers Wireless, 10.2% growth at Rogers Cable and Telecom and 12.2% growth at Rogers Media.

- Consolidated quarterly operating profit grew 33.1% year-over-year,driven by growth at all three operating segments including 47.0% growth at Wireless, 9.5% growth at Cable and Telecom and 17.1% growth at Media.

- Strong subscriber growth continued at Wireless, with quarterly net postpaid additions of 171,200 and net prepaid additions of 31,800.

- Wireless postpaid subscriber monthly churn was 1.30% versus 1.50% in the third quarter of 2005, while postpaid monthly ARPU (average revenue per subscriber) increased 5.3% in the quarter to $70.37. The ARPU increase reflects a 47.9% lift in data revenues, which represented 10.5% of total wireless network revenue in the quarter, as well as continued growth in roaming and other optional voice services.

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