More BlackBerry 8800 info?

blackberry 8800

Well, Monday’s are usually tough. There’s mounds of junk mail in your inbox to sort through, hopefully not missing any gems. Nearly missed this one, and legitamacy pending, we’re glad we didn’t. A little tip from Alex has given us a small spec sheet on the BlackBerry 8800.

Release date, camera, and video recording - all very interesting. Thanks all the same, Kyle. We still get excited over things like this. The text from the image, just in case, has been posted after the jump.

- New narrow QWERTY design - the ultimate balance of form and function
- Ultra slim form factor with full keypad and large 320 x 240 screen for optimized data input.
- Dimensions: 106 x 60 x 15.5 mm
- Bridges voice and data centric users looking for a sleek, slimmed down design optimized for exceptional data entry yet small enough to be used as a phone.

- Full multimedia feature set
- Camera - 1.3 mp, 5x digital zoom, flash and video recording
- Media Player - audio and video playback/streaming, stereo headset compatible.
- 64 MB Flash, expandable memory (Micro SD)
- Expanded feature set complements core productivity, functionality and strengthens appeal to a broader segment of users - particularly retail prosumers.

- Great phone experience
- Advanced noise and echo cancellation
- Voice activated dialing, speakerphone, Bluetooth 2.0

- Quadband EDGE + 802.11bg
- Extend data and voice coverage at home, work, hotspots.

19 Responses to “More BlackBerry 8800 info?”

  1. 1 George

    I wonder what restrictions they’ll put on the Wifi, like if you’ll be able to upload music, videos, and documents from your computer directly to your Blackberry.

    This is device is going to be the one I’ll be holding out for …

  2. 2 Donovan

    Finally a memory slot!! and the wifi is nice too!

  3. 3 8700g user

    If the keypad is the same size as the 8700 then I am not interested. It’s too damn narrow to type anything decent on it. What were they thinking making the keypad so tiny? IDIOTS!

  4. 4 moog

    8700g user: not many people complain about the size of the kb. You might need thumb reduction surgery. :)

  5. 5 Dhiraj

    looks awesome… morever supports Wi-fi.

    The Only thing now i see ( not a drawback but nice to have ) Touch screen with stylus

  6. 6 Ali

    for which carrier hopefully verizon will carry this.



  8. 8 Firefishe

    Now let’s see, what have we here, hmmm? ;-)

    Very intriguing. I’m madly in love with my 8700c, love the form factor, the phone reception, the data capability, and the keyboard.

    I migrated from the Treo 650, which has an extremely tight, narrow keyboard that I had an excruciatingly hard time typing upon. Switching to the 8700c solved that problem. I just hope that the 8800c is all that the 8700c is to me.

    Having streaming video capability on my 8700c is something I would love to have. I don’t know why someone from Plazmic or another vendor couldn’t optimize a server-side/handheld client combo solution and just “push video” to the 8700c.

    I mean, the web browser and MDS service I’m using supports the display of ad animations, so I don’t know why video wouldn’t work on existing 8700c hardware with a firmware upgrade.

    There is third party program called BBCam that allows a person to remotely view and control camera equipment over the Internet. I’ve played around with it and it’s interesting.

    Perhaps, however, I’m missing something here? Processor speed, possibly? I’m not an expert, so I could use some technical feedback on this matter pertaining to the 8700c’s video capabilities. Viewing images through BBCam were slow, to say the least, but not any more than any other low-bandwidth type of video.

    Perhaps the 8800 solves this? I certainly hope so. The addition of the microSD Card slot is a great addition! I’ve got two mapping GPS Receivers from Garmin that use the microSD cards for storing of Garmin’s MapSource Mapping products-1GB Each (yes, that’s *GIGA* bytes)-and I’ve never been happier than to be able to store more detailed maps on my gps units.

    I participate in the great sport of Geocaching ( so external memory capability on a gps unit-or on a phone through which I access my premium membership information on important to me.

    How much more important, on a product like the 8800 with which I might wish to augment (I will probably never sell my 8700c) my 8700c, should the keyboard, and the multimedia capabilities-especially the ability to do RSS Video with a native program-be?

    Bug Free, that’s how. ;) I look forward to seeing this device at my local Cingular Store.

    Warm regards,

  9. 9 Glenn

    Oh God! I need this one-in Tmobile. Xmas, please.

  10. 10 Josh

    101 question - but what would one do w/ the new WiFi capability? Is it to hop to your local WiFi to pull data at speeds greater than the

  11. 11 poumakis

    No 3G???? bummer

  12. 12 Adam

    Does anyone know the release dates in UK for this little beauty? Thx.

  13. 13 Lano

    I have one here - and its pretty cool - not that much difference to the Pearl 8100.

    Appears to have a built in GPS radio which is cool. No camera though and as yet I haven’t found the WiFi functin on it?!?

  14. 14 VPRVNM

    I have gotten to play with this device for a bit (I cannot reveal my sources, or how I was able to do this) and all of the talk about a small keyboard is unfounded. The keyboard is roughly the same size as the 8700 but feels bigger (I think the gap between the buttons are a bit bigger). The device probably wont’ have a camera nor will it have WIFI since BB is know for battery life and both of these drain the battery.

  15. 15 Jeff

    Any Idea when the 8800 will be available for Cingular?

  16. 16 erin

    when does this phone come out !!?

  17. 17 goose queen

    The blackberry 8700 series keyboard is PERFECT…any bigger than the phone is too cumbersome, any smaller and it wouldnt work. I can type like a maniac on this phone, LOL> The keyboard is fine and if the 8800 follows suit, I look forward to it.

  18. 18 youngest_exec_ever

    This looks like a great addition to the Blackberry family. I am a 7130e user. And all the features that I said the Blackberry should have, this one has them. Only question I have is what carriers are going to have this phone?

  19. 19 Jonathan

    where can l purchase one of these from and how much ? can someone let me know as soon as possible

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