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Bacon on BlackBerry: Surfing, scrolling, software, and more

Oct 30, 2006: 

Morning, class. Magmic’s Jeff Bacon turns in a solid paper this week, answering all of your questions. This week he touches on browsing options on your device, software for voice dialing, email-related nonsense, and then some. Jeff likes feeling needed, so if you’ve got any inquiries at all (anything), drop him an […]

Splash ID reviewed

Oct 27, 2006: 

When you’re young and naive, you have that “one password” that you use for everything. Email, MySpace, whatever - same thing. Your bank PIN was simply the four first letters of that word worked out on the num-pad. As you grew older, so did the rest of the world and the necessity […]

Weekend Contest: Where does the Pearl sit?

Oct 27, 2006: 

We’ve discussed the up’s, down’s, in’s, out’s of the Pearl almost to death - not the Pearl’s death, ours. One of the topics the guys here at BBCool enjoy touching on most is the marketing efforts put forth by our pals at RIM. We’ve seen point-of-purchase items, ginormous billboards in Times Square, and […]

RIM digs new ground in Halifax

Oct 27, 2006: 

RIM is one of those companies that makes, or should make, Canadians feel proud. Sure, they head off to other lands to make some decent dollars, but they never forget their roots - and a new seed has been planted, this time in Halifax, Nova Scotia (East Coast represent!). On Thursday, RIM broke […]

Stronger Pulse for your BlackBerry

Oct 27, 2006: 

I feel like we’re all being given the tools to become amazing spies. Like how when, say, Jean Claude Van Damme an intelligent James Bond would whip out his over-the-top laptop and cell phone, connect to the internet and foil some mastermind’s plan? Thanks to BrainMurmur, one of the best-named companies yet, Apple […]

Get “spot”ted with your BlackBerry Pearl

Oct 26, 2006: 

I’m going to get some office flak for that cheeseball title. Sorry, guys. But I just thought I’d let you know that Skylab Mobile Systems has rolled out their “Spot For BlackBerry” software for your BlackBerry 8100’s, targeting you now more than ever. The “Spot” system makes use of the new OS, […]

EV-DO Revision A upgrade launched by Sprint

Oct 26, 2006: 

Cellular News reports that Sprint’s on top of the EV-DO castle as it’s upgraded the Sprint Power Vision Network with the faster EV-DO Revision A technology in the San Diego market. Know what that means? Sprint’s made it the first market in the country to have the technology commercially available. How […]

Americans not grasping 3G, study says

Oct 26, 2006: 

While all of us are fawning over 3G and getting really excited about the mobile world advancing, the rest of society ho-hum’s and worries about what accessory would look cuter with their new RAZR.
According to a study that looks over tech issues over key markets put on this year by TNS Global Technology […]

RepliGo Professional goes 2.0 on the BlackBerry

Oct 26, 2006: 

Ever wish you could go 2.0 and upgrade yourself? Yeah, that’d be pretty swell. Thankfully, the tech industry isn’t waiting on us to evolve and turns their efforts to 2.0′ing some of your favourite applications and such (roundabout way of getting to the point, I know), and RepliGo Professional is a fine, fine […]