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Maps maker marks 29% revenue increase


teleatlas.jpgPardon the massive alliteration in the title. Tele Atlas – you know, the kind people who’re provided you with BlackBerry Maps – are reporting a third quarter revenue of $65 million, a 29% increase from this time last year. With BlackBerry Maps becoming an essential part of your devices these days, it wouldn’t surprise me to see another increase next year. Other highlights from Tele Atlas’ notable quarter are after the hop, skip, and jump.

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Verizon notes strong 3Q


verizon_logo.jpgWhile I’m sure they’re not bathing in money, Verizon seems to have fared pretty well, or so it seems in the reports that surround their 3Q results. The current carrier of BlackBerrys 7250, 7130e, and 8703e reports their “third-quarter 2006 earnings were $2.0 billion, or 68 cents per share. This is an increase of 7.5 percent compared with earnings of $1.8 billion, or 66 cents per share, in the third quarter 2005.” Pretty high numbers, Verizon. Let the boasting begin…

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Generation X author pushes the Pearl


coupland.jpgFew authors become the voice of a generation. Douglas Coupland‘s not just the voice of a generation, he created the generation. The author of “Generation X”, the book that coined the term, as well as other pop-culture mainstays “Microserfs” and “All Families Are Psychotic” (amongst other works) has been busy promoting his latest effort “J Pod” but took time to talk Pearl, it seems.

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Securities and Exchange Commission questions RIM – updated


Research in Motion has been dealing with a lot lately. They’ve got all of these new devices breathing hot air on the back of their necks, and now the SEC is taking charge of an inquiry regarding RIM’s stock option issues. This article is even saying it’s “becoming the most pervasive corporate scandal since the rash of accounting frauds that rang in the new millennium”.

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Bacon on BlackBerry: Surfing, scrolling, software, and more


Morning, class. Magmic’s Jeff Bacon turns in a solid paper this week, answering all of your questions. This week he touches on browsing options on your device, software for voice dialing, email-related nonsense, and then some. Jeff likes feeling needed, so if you’ve got any inquiries at all (anything), drop him an e at . Welcome to Monday, folks. – Steve

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SplashID reviewed


7100t.jpgWhen you’re young and naive, you have that “one password” that you use for everything. Email, MySpace, whatever – same thing. Your bank PIN was simply the four first letters of that word worked out on the num-pad. As you grew older, so did the rest of the world and the necessity for more security.

Once you grow up, get a job, and realize you’ve got a little bit more than a measley email password to remember, that’s where an application like Splash ID comes into play. Enterprise users know exactly what I’m talking about. With the need for new/different passwords comes the need to remember new/different passwords. Thankfully with Splash ID from the folks at Splash Data, that’s finally a reality.

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