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Weekend Contest: Where does the Pearl sit?


itunes.jpgWe’ve discussed the up’s, down’s, in’s, out’s of the Pearl almost to death – not the Pearl’s death, ours. One of the topics the guys here at BBCool enjoy touching on most is the marketing efforts put forth by our pals at RIM. We’ve seen point-of-purchase items, ginormous billboards in Times Square, and more directed efforts like the Pearl launch parties held in major metropolitan areas in Canada, the US, and the UK (whose seemed to be much more star-studded).

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RIM digs new ground in Halifax



RIM is one of those companies that makes, or should make, Canadians feel proud. Sure, they head off to other lands to make some decent dollars, but they never forget their roots – and a new seed has been planted, this time in Halifax, Nova Scotia (East Coast represent!). On Thursday, RIM broke ground for a 20-hectare tech support facility, part of RIM’s plan to bring in “up to 1,200 employees over the next five years as part of its $230-million expansion.”

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New patent takes care of BlackBerry-PC interference


miss_cleo.jpgFrom being a spy to being a pseudo-psychic. You know the interference noises (sounds something like “doot, diddle, dit, dit dit, dee, dee, dee”) that you hear when your device is parked near your computer and you get the “premonition” that you’re about to receive a call? A new patent released by our pals at RIM have those darling sounds and your apparent psychic abilities packing. How exactly does it work? Let me check my crystal ball.

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Stronger Pulse for your BlackBerry


pulse.jpgI feel like we’re all being given the tools to become amazing spies. Like how when, say, Jean Claude Van Damme an intelligent James Bond would whip out his over-the-top laptop and cell phone, connect to the internet and foil some mastermind’s plan? Thanks to BrainMurmur, one of the best-named companies yet, Apple and Windows users can now do just that. No, not foil plans – you can can now use Bluetooth-enabled Blackberry devices to provide internet access to compatible laptops and wireless devices with a new application called Pulse.

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Get “spot”ted with your BlackBerry Pearl


spotforbb.jpgI’m going to get some office flak for that cheeseball title. Sorry, guys. But I just thought I’d let you know that Skylab Mobile Systems has rolled out their “Spot For BlackBerry” software for your BlackBerry 8100’s, targeting you now more than ever. The “Spot” system makes use of the new OS, version 4.2, and it’s solid Bluetooth GPS integration for stronger and more accurate GPS positions – perfect for, say, Chronicle Road.

You’re looking at only $49 for this lovely roll-out from Skylab. Visit their official site for more details.

EV-DO Revision A upgrade launched by Sprint


sprint_logo.jpgCellular News reports that Sprint’s on top of the EV-DO castle as it’s upgraded the Sprint Power Vision Network with the faster EV-DO Revision A technology in the San Diego market. Know what that means? Sprint’s made it the first market in the country to have the technology commercially available. How special.

“Sprint Power Vision users in these markets should experience significantly faster average upload speeds of 300-400 kbps (compared with 50-70 kbps of current EV-DO networks). Average download speeds should also increase to 450-800 kbps from 400-700 kbps. By 3Q 2007, Sprint’s Power Vision network is expected to be completely upgraded to the faster EV-DO Revision A.”