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Americans not grasping 3G, study says


3g.jpgWhile all of us are fawning over 3G and getting really excited about the mobile world advancing, the rest of society ho-hum’s and worries about what accessory would look cuter with their new RAZR.

According to a study that looks over tech issues over key markets put on this year by TNS Global Technology Insights, Americans, like the rest of the world, apparently, aren’t connecting completely with the 3G concept, not realizing their devices potential. Cuddle your device now and let it know it can do a lot more if it really wants to – let your device reach it’s potential!

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RepliGo Professional goes 2.0 on the BlackBerry


cerience.gifEver wish you could go 2.0 and upgrade yourself? Yeah, that’d be pretty swell. Thankfully, the tech industry isn’t waiting on us to evolve and turns their efforts to 2.0’ing some of your favourite applications and such (roundabout way of getting to the point, I know), and RepliGo Professional is a fine, fine example of 2.0 gone good. Cerience just launched the update for the award-winning application that includes updated “powerful” new faxing, printing and document management capabilities. Powerful.

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RIM Chief Financial Officer to present at tech conference


dennis_kavelman.jpgWe last heard from Mr. Dennis Kavelman, RIM’s straight-shooting CFO, during the Q2 result webcast. Well, looks as though he’s about to be apart of another cast as RIM will be streaming audio right from the Scotia Capital Telecom & Tech Conference 2007 on Tuesday, November 7, 2006 in Toronto, Canada, where Kavelman will be presenting. Thanks to Yahoo! News for the heads up. Get your bookmarks set now, should be an interesting affair.

Smartphone rankings show RIM in dead heat



Canalys has released shipping Q3 2006 shipping results for the “smart mobile device” market. Ignoring Nokia’s massive lead (the market as defined by Canalys includes many types of devices that Nokia makes but RIM doesn’t, making comparison between the two numbers practically useless) the most interesting development is the dead heat between RIM and HTC.

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Chinese Corps Lead Global Q2 2006 Operator Review


Global Operator Mobile Report

Industry analysts MobileWorld have released their second quarter review of the world’s leading mobile operators. While it’s no surprise to see China’s two largest carriers (China Mobile and China Unicom) at the top of the heap in terms of total customers, Verizon has made great strides, overtaking NTT DoCoMo for 4th place and narrowly behind Cingular for 3rd.

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EQO Communications teams with BlackBerry


eqo_134x82.gifI like to call Persia from time to time on Skype. No reason, really. I just like to check in, see how the Persians are. Thankfully now, I can check in whenever I feel the desire. Ridiculous intro’s aside, EQO Communications, an Internet Communications platform that enables mobile VoIP calling and instant messenger services including AOLInstant Messenger, ICQ, GoogleTalk, Jabber, MSN Messenger, Yahoo! InstantMessenger and Skype, has taken all of that and moved it to the BlackBerry platform (and yes, Treo’s, too).

Currently supported on the Pearl, 8700 series, 7100 series, 7200 series, and 7500 series. Another pretty great reason to be a BlackBerry user.