“CrackBerry” recognized as 2006 word of the year


bbaddiction.jpgI’ve been whining about the term “CrackBerry” for a bit, wondering who exactly is using this term to keep it afloat. I’ve various reasons why I hate it, and I’m wondering what your folks’ thoughts on it are. But that’s besides the point for now, as it appears the word isn’t going away for some time.

In an excellent article posted on SmartPhoneToday, it was reported that John Wiley & Sons Webster’s New World College Dictionary hold a Word-of-the-Year contest to determine the term or phrase that best portrays the times we live in and the ever changing nature of the English language, and this year’s winner was… you guessed it.


Now, as much as I dislike (maybe even loathe) the term, look at what this says about BlackBerrys in today’s society. They’ve made their way to the mainstream and are becoming a part of our social net of sorts.

New World College Dictionary staff said they like the way Crackberry denotes both the device itself and the users. They even have a phrase for the common sight of people hunched over a device when thumbing away: Crackberry prayer, which refers to how devout-looking folks seem.

To determine the Word-of-the-year, the compilers of the New World College Dictionary “survey the new, emerging language of the past year,” according to Editor in Chief Michael Agnes, “and choose one word (or phrase) that captures our imagination—whether with its intrinsic linguistic attributes or by the way it expresses how language reflects changing realities.”

So, spiteful congratulations go to the term “CrackBerry” and the folks that have made it so prevalent. If New World Dictionary can accept it, maybe I can, too.