RIM issues patent suit in UK


For those in the know (and hopefully we’ve been doing well enough to keep you in the know), there’s been an ongoing battle between RIM and Visto over various patent infringements. There’ve been back and forth battles and lawsuits handed out left right and center between the two companies over who started what and who’s doing what and who shouldn’t be doing what they’re doing, etc. and so on. Can you tell I never took a law class?

According to the source, RIM issued another lawsuit to Visto yesterday in the UK to “invalidate a patent on a system for synchronizing e-mail”. Sounds fierce.

“The lawsuit marks the second time RIM has sought to defend its intellectual property in the U.K., where it has hundreds of thousands of subscribers. The Waterloo, Ont.-based company won a British patent infringement claim brought by Luxembourg-based licensing firm Inpro Licensing Sarl in February.”