Palm’s John Walker comments on competition


We weren’t sure who he was either, it’s okay. was able to sit down with John Walker, Palm Europe’s head of enterprise sales engineering for the UK and Ireland, and talked his ear off about Palm’s place in the market and, more specifically, how “RIM’s BlackBerry and the new Windows Mobile and Symbian-based smartphones now targeting enterprise users.” Walker doesn’t bat an eye, though, and comes through with a non-mud-slinging answer.

“We are really just starting [with the Treo] in the European market, but in the US, like-for-like quarter-on-quarter sales of the 700w device in 2006 gave us 40 percent market share. Of course, there are lots of other brands and feature-packed devices on the market, but they aren’t always the easiest things to use in terms of navigability and messaging. We’ve also launched the Treo exclusively on the Vodafone network to reach a number of very large businesses. Vodafone has an exclusivity period of three months on the 750v, but it is a generic vision going forward and will be available to other operators later. Palm will be announcing another product fairly soon.”

I like how the only discouraging comments he puts out are about messaging and navigation. Palm’s not out to make any friends, and I don’t think they’re out to make any enemies, either.

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