Cingular rumours circulating


Things are picking up for Cingular, it seems. We’ve been talking about the 8100c, Cingular’s Pearl, and it’s slight redesign, but still no release date. Well, a reader over at BBHub who spoke to BlackBerry reps at the New York Marathon Expo the other day, asked about the release date of the Pearl, and apparently the reps “grinned and essentially said it would be before Dec 11th.” Obviously we’ve got to raise some eyebrows when it comes to credibility, but it’s the next piece of news that has us scratching our heads.

According to the reader, the BlackBerry representiaves told him that there would be two versions of the Cingular BlackBerry Pearl with one withholding what some would call a nuisance: the camera. That’ll solve some whining if this ends up being true.

But one more news bit from the same post:

“…We’ve been hearing from other sources that this information may not be correct- and that there will be one Cingular Pearl plus the non-camera’d 8800.”

There may be a lot of smoke being blown, but this is bound to get fingers typing faster to find some more new and exciting information. Thanks to BBHub reader Scott for his sleuthness.