New study puts BlackBerry over Microsoft’s Direct Push


With the supposed onslaught of competition heading RIM’s way, they figured it best to play it safe and enlist some ringer’s to do the dirty work. The folks at Oregon-based Rysavy Research were asked to pit the BlackBerry against Microsoft’s Direct Push technology. Some numbers were crunched and a 23-page document (.pdf) was the result of what must have been hours of work at the Rysavy headquarters.

They were able to come up with a winner, thankfully, and as is the case with most answers to questions, you can find out after the jump.

Sure enough, RIM and the BlackBerry came out on top.

“The efficiency of RIM’s solution benefits not only operators but also customers who consume a smaller amount of data, thus reducing monthly costs on some pricing plans, improving the speed with which users receive e-mail and attachments, and improving device battery life.”