Weather takes over mobile content


rainraingoaway.jpgWhen I was a kid and wanted to figure out what the weather was like, I looked outside – I thought that’s what windows were for. As usual, things have changed, and it appears as though more and more people enjoy holding the weather in the palm of their hand – literally. A report from the Globe and Mail has a growing trend in Canadians seeking out mobile video weather reports, having that genre of content beating out old favourites like music videos and swimsuit models.

“The weather has always been popular, but it is by far our biggest success story,” said Raja Khanna, chief creative officer of QuickPlay Media Inc., which packages video content for cellular providers and Research In Motion Ltd., maker of the Blackberry.

“It’s a sign that mobile video has come of age,” he said. “People are watching the weather on their phone.”

The report notes the possible advertising initiatives that could develop from this growing trend – marketers, obviously, are already looking for a way to capitalize on the popularity of these popular weather reports. Thoughts on this? Do you use anything other than your window or stepping outside to figure out if you need to bring an umbrella to the office?