“Competition will increase BlackBerry’s popularity”, says RIM Director


gregwade.jpgIn a thourough sit-down with RIM’s Asia-Pacific Director Greg Wade, SDA India is able to get a good look at insider’s view on the competition RIM will be facing, as well as an overview of security issues and upcoming trends in the wireless industry.

All of his answers seem like well-calculated responses filled with pull-quote possibilities and he seems to side-step questions regarding RIM’s expansion into the consumer market, seeming unsure of their place within it. But what are his thoughts on competition? RIM loves it.

“RIM has been identified as the market leader and the pioneer of wireless email, providing access to corporate data. We welcome competition. The more providers educating users on the benefits of mobile email the more popular it gets – which is good for us.”

They’ve always been go-getter’s, but it’s great to see RIM isn’t sitting back on their laurels waiting for thanks and praise to roll in – that just proves what a great company they are and will continue to be.