Palm responds to NTP’s claim


Would NTP really be attacking these companies if they weren’t as large as they are? I vote no, who’s with me. As reported earlier this week, NTP, the same company that sued RIM over various patent issues, is going to bat again – this time with Palm – and Palm really wants them to strike out. In an article found on, Palm says the patents in question have already been ruled invalid by re-examiners at the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO), and that’s not all.

Appears as though NTP is getting a little taste what they’ve been handing out, as they’re now being taken to the courts by software developer Oren Tavory. Tavory says he helped along many of the patents NTP’s fighting for.

Tavory’s attorney, Don Conwell of the Tampa firm of Conwell Sukhia & Kirkpatrick, says his client is seeking the credit due him and is prepared to show evidence that he was a co-inventor of the technology. “We have a number of people who will substantiate his testimony,” Conwell says. “He demonstrated the software internally at Telefind before Telefind had any relationship with AT&T.”