RIM to scoop up Palm?

As the Million Dollar Man used to say (Ted Dibiase, not Lee Majors), “Everybody’s got a price.” Last week’s news of Motorola aquiring RIM competitor Good Technology has put the thinking caps onto analysts across the land, and you wouldn’t imagine what they’re coming up with. AOL Money reports that a lot of eyes are turning to Research in Motion and if they’re going to shell out some coin to pick up Palm.

“In our opinion, Motorola’s decision to buy Good Technologies further increases the probability that a vendor of mobility solutions will make a bid for Palm as participants in the quickly evolving communications space seek to build their asset portfolios in an effort to establish defensible positions,” Jonathan Hoopes, Think Equity analyst, wrote in a note to investors.

No matter what RIM’s doing with their own money, they’re doing alright with others. After a slight dip after Motorola’s Good purchase, RIM’s stock closed at around the $127 mark on Monday.

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BlackBerryCool » Palm about to be picked up?
February 20th, 2007 at 11:15 am

[…] The folks at Palm might just be tidying up their offices for an open house - their company could be on the market soon. We’ve heard these kind of words being tossed around before, this time, though, according to Unstrung, things could be a little more serious. […]

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