Proporta cases reviewed


You have a valuable, you protect it - it’s that simple. You give your iPod a gel-like sleeve, your kid a bike helmet, and I’m sure you’re saving up for some full-body armor, too. There’s loads of options when it comes to protecting what’s most important to you - your BlackBerry - and we were able to sit down with a couple of Proporta Cases and are anxious and willing to give you our review.

Proporta was kind enough to send us an aluminum style casing and a alu-leather flip case, both for the BlackBerry 8700. To be honest, they’re both like most of Hollywood’s best these days: look really great, but the functionality just isn’t there.

The frustration starts with what appears to be a reject extra from Terminator 2 - the aluminum Proporta case. The 8700 slides in quite nicely and fits snugly with the suede-like interior material. This specific model has a hinged door that clasps shut quite nicely, but a simple movement of the elbow while the case is clipped to your belt could open the gate wide open and send your device tumbling, just a heads up.

There’s a transparent screen to protect your device’s screen and the openings are cut where you most need it (keybad, clickwheel, etc.). In the end, though, the case’s bulkiness is it’s downfall. Holding it up to your ear is completely awkward and typing isn’t exactly a complete walk in the park either. Not to mention - an aluminum case in Canadian winter? Not a good mix unless you want that beast stuck to the side of your face for the rest of the day.

Proporta aluminum 8700 case - $34.95 USD

Style: B
Functionality: C-
Durability: B

BlackBerry Cool rating: C

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