Proporta cases reviewed


proporta_logo.gifNext on the docket is Proporta’s alu-leather book-style case for the 8700. Again, it looks pretty decent with a nice leather covering and Proporta logo embossed on the front. Aluminum Proporta-branded inserts are in both the front and back panel for sturdiness, and the front panel even includes a little pouch for business cards you’ll rarely reference.


The functionality comes into play again once you slide your 8700 into the seemingly weak holster (which holds surprisingly well – just don’t tug on it with all of your might – that’s got bad news written all over it). The case front panel folds nicely back and flush with the back panel, so you won’t have it flapping while you’re on a call, which is great. The funny thing is, though, is the case’s struggle to close. There’s a magnetic clasp to keep everything together, but what good is it if it won’t even reach when the device is inside the case? I could still use my device fine, just sucks I can’t close it up to protect it properly.

A little better than Proporta’s aluminum offering, but that’s not saying much.

Proporta alu-leather book 8700 case – $34.95 USD

Style: B-
Functionality: B
Durability: C

BlackBerry Cool rating: C+